We always need to continue to have dreams and challenges.  A lot of people have asked me what more I could possibly want to accomplish.  But without goals life would be pretty boring!  My dream and challenge for this year is to try to win the World Cup Series.  I haven’t ever been able to in the past because we only usually go to one or two World Cups a year so I could never get enough points. 

Tomorrow the lead up starts with it being that time of year again when the racing season really starts to take off! Tomorrow I start with the first of the Individual Time Trial (ITT) series run by Cycling Victoria in Geelong.  It is a bit longer than I would normally do for an ITT at 23km, but I am really looking forward to it to see how my training is going.  

I’ve had about two months of really solid training and I’m feeling pretty good.  I certainly won’t be putting on my best tyres to make the TT trike as light as possible as I want to leave that for Nationals which are only a month away.  But I will certainly be giving it my all.

This year will be very exciting as I will be in Europe for 2 months to race and train.  I will be travelling with the Australian team for the first two World Cups, the first in Italy and the second in Belgium.  Then I will be travelling with my good friend and competitor Hannah Dines from Great Britain.  We will head to Germany to do about 10 days of training with Hans-Peter Durst (men’s T2 World Champion) and then head to the Cologne Classic.  From there Hannah and I will head to the Australian Institute of Sport, European Training Centre in Italy to train together for 3 weeks, then on to the third and final World Cup in the Netherlands.

I have never been able to compete in all three World Cups before, so I am very excited to be able to do so and even more I am looking forward to catching up with all my competitors from Rio!

At the end of August we will then be heading to South Africa for the World Championships on the same courses that we raced on in 2015 at a World Cup.

 I have aways believed in my abilities, but realise that I can always learn and continue to improve my racing ability.  So I look forward to the next six months to see how far I can take my riding and hopefully reach that goal of winning the World Cup Series.