I am very honoured to say that as of yesterday I became a sponsored cyclist of Liv/Giant.  I attended their offices in Mulgrave and was greeted by Jo Hall who then proceeded to introduce me to other cyclists and staff.  Sitting beside her desk was a very sleek, beautiful looking bike and it was for me!  WOW it is a beautiful looking machine, a GIANT Avail, black with a splash of blue and white on the frame.  I can’t describe the excitement that was swirling through me because never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this would be happening to me!

Jo then handed me some cycling clothing and told me to try it on to see what size I was, then once that was done and logos were applied to the helmet she was giving me she then said ‘let’s go shopping’!  Stunned I followed her into the warehouse with her saying ‘now what do you need?’  I must say I am really bad at asking for things…one of the reasons I have a ‘jccm’ as a management company, to ask for me!  But without me saying a thing she proceeded to grab a box of waterbottles, two water bottle cages, a Di2 battery charger, a box of tubes and a few note pads!

2013-01-23 14.14.27Then it was time for the inaugural photo with my bike in front of their GIANT sign. I still at this point was just shaking me head with disbelief.  I think that once I finally get the backend of my trike put on this frame it will finally hit me, especially when I am out on the road riding it.  I also couldn’t believe how light it was!  I am so used to riding a trike a bit heavier!  My first trike was one that weighed about 40kgs and had a very large basket on the back of it.  It allowed me to ride anywhere and even do the shopping, especially at a time when I couldn’t walk any distance.  My second trike that I first started racing on was the “Red Rocket”, a steel frame 22kg trike made by a local bike builder who makes industrial trikes.  Needless to say this was a bit of a handicap at the 2011 World Paracycling Championships.   The one I am currently riding and won gold on was built by Cycling Australia using the “Gold Medal” frame ridden by Sara Carrigan in the Road Race at the Athens Olympics, it weighs 14kgs, with the backend made by Trykit in Great Britain.  So I am really looking forward to getting the new trike put together, I think I will be flying!

I loaded everything into the car with Jo’s help and thanked her again.  She told me that if I needed anything to give her a call.  We did chat about other things such as Mega Swim.  Anyone who knows me realizes that I always talk about Mega Swim and I am hoping that I have convinced her to take part.  If you are reading this and don’t know about the 24 Hour Mega Swim, please have a look at the link www.megaswim.com

It is amazing when good and positive things come into your life and this was one of those days!  I will certainly use this amazing opportunity to make something good happen out of it.

Thank you so much to  Jo and the Liv/Giant team for your support of not only female athletes but also your support for a Paralympic athlete.  I am honoured to be part of such an amazing team.  I will grab this opportunity with enthusiasm and wear your colours with pride and hope that I can make you extremely proud and happy that you have supported and believed in me.

Gear provided by Liv/giant

Gear provided by Liv/giant