Head of Charles raceWell today is the day that we head over to Boston for the Head of the Charles Regatta.  Taking off my cycling hat and putting on my rowing hat for what will be my last International Row!!

Head of the Charles has always been on my “Bucket List” since the inclusion of Para Rowing back in 2009, so by Sunday the 20th of October at 8:30 a.m. I will be able to say that I have ticked that one off the list!

I have an amazing crew that I am rowing with Nell Duly (coxswain – NSW), Pete Siri (3 seat – QLD), Steve Knott (2 seat – NSW), Kate Murdoch (Bow seat – NSW) and myself (Stroke – VIC).  We have two spare rowers, Sara Waitzer (VIC) and Nikolai Olding (NSW), just in case we have any problems!  We have only been able to get together once a month to train as we are all from different areas, but when we do we have some great rows!  So we are all looking forward to getting in that boat, doing the best we can do and have a great row that we are all satisfied with.

We have 4 crews in our category and we are the only overseas crew, which makes us the underdogs…but I love being the underdog as our competition have no idea how good we are.  But no matter what as long as we enjoy the row and do our best that is what will make us winners in my eyes!