I seem to be enjoying my cycling much more lately and I put it all down to the couple of bunch rides that I have hooked on to.  When I first started riding my trike farther than just commuting, I did it all on my own.  I certainly didn’t feel that I was fast enough to ride with anyone and most people tend to worry about the width of my trike and how close they can ride to me.

Bunch this morning!

Bunch this morning!

However in the last few months thanks to Giant my sponsors I have been taking part in the Liv/Giant rides which take place every Saturday morning along Beach Road in the southern suburbs of Melbourne.  Beach Road has a bad name sometimes and mostly this is because of the media talking about how cyclists tend to take over the road on the weekends.  So I was a bit concerned about riding with a group there,  I shouldn’t have been!  It has been a fantastic re-introduction to cycling!


As I said I am enjoying my cycling so much more because not only am I getting longer rides in but it has also become so much more social.  I have met the most interesting people and chatting.  I have even branched out to a Wednesday morning ride with a group of women that was started in the Western Suburbs.  Tina McCarthy started a group called Wheel Women.  She is getting women involved in cycling.  Some used to cycle years ago, some have never cycled, but all want to learn and she is doing an amazing job with the help of the Bicycle Superstore in Flemington.  She has run courses on how to ride, how to change a tire and everything involving riding.  So the one thing she wanted to do was get women to think about riding a bit further, hence the Beach Road ride on a Wednesday morning.  So I have been joining her on those morning as well.  Although I must say I had to do it by myself last Wednesday, as everyone had something they had to do.  But that’s okay as I am meeting more and more people as we ride from St. Kilda to Mordialloc.

So if you are a woman getting back into cycling, or a guy who doesn’t mind riding with a great bunch of women, come and join us, get past the fear of bunch riding and Beach Road and meet some absolutely amazing people!  We leave from Cafe Racer in St. Kilda at 7:30 am each of the days.

Thanks ladies for helping make cycling really enjoyable for me.