How many of us actually celebrate our success? I’m not talking about those big, life changing goals but the stepping stone goals along the way. Celebrating these successes is important and good for you because it reminds you of the reasons you set your major goal in the first place.


I also believe it is very important in business to celebrate with your staff. In a past life I was managing a Delivery Centre for Australia Post. They had numerous issues with the previous manager and that manager was eventually stood down. The staff weren’t happy as the manager had been their “mate” instead of their boss and I was asked to go in to rectify the problems.

The first thing I wanted to do was make the staff realise that they were respected and an important part of the business. Because lets face it without Postie’s to deliver the mail, we didn’t have a business. So I put a system in place where we targeted certain behaviour and practices and if at the end of the month we changed that behaviour or hit certain targets I made sure that we celebrated! It didn’t have to be anything big…breakfast or lunch for the troops and movie tickets to the employee of the month, someone who had stood out during the month from the rest. Within 6 months we were the best performing office in the region…not a tough thing to do really.

It worked because ‘Success breeds success’, so it is important to celebrate and acknowledge that a goal has been accomplished, it will keep you/staff motivated, committed and helps the team bond. It also reminds you of how far you have come, the challenges you have met and it starts changing your attitude by telling you that you have already succeeded.

So whether you have personal goals or team goals, celebrating will keep your entire ‘team’ engaged and working with you to repeat those successes, after all people always want to be part of a winning team!