None of us like change and a lot of us are afraid of change; it takes us out of our comfort zone. But change is inevitable and happens almost every day. I’ve had a number of changes this year with new coaches for cycling and in the gym. These were scary propositions as I had only had one cycling coach and one gym coach, who had both taken me from the start to the top of the world! But I was ready for a change and some new challenges. So to this point that has been a good change so far. This past week I had a couple more changes to face, one I was really looking forward to and the other I was slightly fearful of.

The first change was when I dropped my Giant Avail Trike off to the Giant Hampton store to have my new Giant Envie Trike built! This was an exciting change that I was really looking forward to. I think that most people thought that this would just be a swap of one front end for another. But even that is a change for me with a completely different set up and positioning on the trike. I was also excited as a special paint job was done on the Envie frame celebrating the fact that I had become World Champion in 2013. I picked up my new trike on Wednesday and it looks amazing!  Thank you so much to Jo Hall for organising this amazing frame and to the staff at the Giant Hampton store, especially Ben Churven the mechanic who put this incredible piece of machinery together!

Carol with Ben (mechanic) from Giant Hampton

Carol with Ben (mechanic) from Giant Hampton

My second change this week came in the form of my hair, yes my hair! It has taken me a long time to grow my hair but I decided this week to cut it all off. This was a very hard change, even as I was sitting in the chair with my hair stylist holding my ponytail saying “Are you sure?”, I had second thoughts. But I decided to go with it and cut it all off. I thought that I would donate it to a worthy cause that takes hair and makes wigs for people fighting cancer but this was not to be as I found out after the fact that they won’t take coloured hair! Good thing I didn’t know that before I had it cut off…that may have changed my thoughts! But it has been a great change and I am loving the fact that I don’t have to do anything to my hair in the morning, plus my cycling helmet fits much better!

2014-04-11 19.10.06

Some wise words from Ralph Marston to finish off,  “There are things you need to do, changes you need to make. Go ahead with  them. Don’t waste your energy fearing them or resisting them. Dive right in and  do what needs to be done. Change is a constant part of life. When you fear it,  it will happen anyway, out of your control. When you embrace change, it will  enable you to reach your goals.”