What choices did you make today?  We all makes choices in our lives on a daily if not hourly basis and most of those choices then challenge us to either do the right or wrong thing which will ultimately affect outcomes of our lives.

This weekend I made a number of choices, one of those was to MC a fundraiser for good friends of mine Mark and Brenda, we were trying to raise money to buy an accessible van so that we can get Mark out of the house and back into the world.   It was definitely a challenge to make sure I had the event running smoothly and on time, but also a challenge to help the committee who had put the night together to get people to dig deep into their pockets to raise much needed money.  It was a wonderful night, not without some hiccups, but what event doesn’t have it’s hiccups.  I don’t believe that most people attending would have noticed but I am usually more critical on myself so I did notice them.

I also made a choice to do some costume changes, something that I have never done before!  You see it was a Beach Theme, I must say not a great theme for the cold weather we are having right now, but thought I as MC better go with the flow.  What I didn’t know was that a majority of people where smart and wore warm clothing!  But not me, my first outfit was my “going to the beach” outfit, sunshirt and 3/4 pants with crocks on my feet.  My second change was my “at the beach” outfit, a bathing suit with sarong around my waist and crocks (that was extremely a cold decision).  My third change was my “going home” outfit, just t-shirt and 3/4 pants, again with my crocks.  I must say that the choice I made to wear a bathing suit was certainly a challenge!  But I think that the outcome far outways the slight embarrassment I had standing on a stage in front of everyone.  I had made the choice to really get into the theme and I am hoping that it helped.  The night was fabulous and I am hoping that a large amount of money was raised!

At the end of the night from L - Brenda, Mark and Carol

At the end of the night from L – Brenda, Mark and Carol

The other choice I made this weekend was to race the Blackburn CC Time Trial this morning, even though I knew I would have a late night last night at the fundraiser.  This morning it certainly was a challenge, first getting up after only about 5 hours sleep, second it was bloody cold out there and the wind was probably the biggest challenge but the outcome was great.  I achieved my first podium finish in this event.  It was with able bodied athletes, mind you I do race with the kids and I think I had a bit of an advantage with the cold and wind!  But hey, a 3rd place is a 3rd place and it won me my race entry back, so I’m not going to complain.

If things hadn’t gone so well today it would have been my fault due to the choices that I made.  It would have been no one else’s fault, just my own.  Sometimes when the choices we make don’t work out we want to blame something or someone else.  But our choices have consequences and we have to learn to accept that some of those consequences are good and some are bad.  So next time you have to make a choice, make sure you way up the consequences and possible outcomes because sometimes they  will not be what you want.

Our choices are made in every word, moment, thought and action we take.  Last night and today my choices worked out and tomorrow I know that there will be more choices to make.  If they don’t work out then the only one at fault will be me.

“The life you live right now is a result of the choices you have made in the  past. Be aware of your choices every day. Take control of your life with the  choices you make, especially the “little” ones.” Ralph Marston