Our fearless leader Bade, who not only put the course together and rode it each day with us even though he had a very bad crash in December and probably shouldn’t have done the amount that he actually did, spent each night, once we had stopped riding, putting a video together of the day.  I am unable to embed them but on the links below you can watch each and every one of them.



MS Red Ride Launch Night – February 28th

MS Red Ride Day 1 – Torquay to Ballarat – March 1st

MS Red Ride Day 2 – Ballarat to Bendigo – March 2nd

MS Red Ride Day 3 – Bendigo to Shepparton – March 3rd

MS Red Ride Day 4 – Shepparton to Wangaratta – March 4th

MS Red Ride Day 5 – Wangaratta  to Mansfield – March 5th

MS Red Ride Day 6 – Mansfield to Yarra Glen – March 6th

Muppet Awards Video

MS Red Ride Day 7 – Yarra Glen to Melbourne – March 7th

All videos have now been posted, so hope you enjoy watching them!  And keep your ears open for details about next year’s ride and you too could be part of the most awesome week of your life!