2 Days ago on the 23rd of April I celebrated the 18th anniversary of my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. On that day a very uncaring neurologist told me that “my life as I knew it was over, go home put your affairs in order before you become incapacitated.” He told me I would never do sport again!

Well he was right about one thing…my life as I knew it was over, but he was thinking of it in a bad way and I think of it in a good way. MS has given me opportunities I would have never had and it has made me the person I am today. As for sport well how wrong was he..today, with the help of members of the St Kilda Cycling Club I rode 93km and although I am absolutely stuffed this afternoon it makes me smile that I have defied him.

MS does not define who I am, I live with it and deal with it every day. Days can be tough, frustrating and sad at times, but I have the opportunity to decide whether to start the day with a positive attitude or not. I choose the positive!!

I will continue to try and defy what he believed and I challenge others to go out and try something new each and every day!