I had a two hour ride to do today and decided that I would head straight up from my home along Plenty Road towards Whittlesea.  I figured that the road was wide enough (with 3 lanes) through the built up areas that it would be okay to ride the trike.  It was great because once I got to Bundoora there was a great bike lane that started from there.  So I decided that I would just ride for an hour then turn around and head back.  What I didn’t expect was that it would be so windy!

Today the expected temperature was to be 32 degrees so for me the best thing is get out early so that I am finished before it gets too hot.  My MS doesn’t really like the heat as I tend to lose the feeling in my hands and the pins and needles that I live with tend to spread!  So I was on the road at 7am and the best thing was that there wasn’t much traffic to contend with.  But I also didn’t realise that heading north to Whittlesea would be very hilly as well.  Actually mostly uphill with the odd little dip!

2012-12-13 07.18.34

Climbing hills at a recent camp in Bright

As I continued on my way I was buffeted by the most amazing head wind but as I got farther out of the city limits into open roads the wind became a cross wind!  And dealing with that wind AND the uphill terrain got me thinking as I pushed myself farther away from home, what was worse 1. head wind 2. cross-head wind or 3. hills?  Now with 3 wheels when you get hit by a cross-head wind if you aren’t holding on for dear life you will lose control.  I found that it was important to hang on but not stiffen your body, just keep pedaling.  And because trikes are definitely not sleek or aero-dynamic if you are trying to pedal into a big head wind it almost stops the trike!

So on that ride north this morning I decided that yes I would rather climb the highest mountain than deal with a cross-head wind or even a plain head wind!  I came up with a new mantra pushing through that wind this morning and kept saying it for almost 1 hour and 16 minutes: “I love wind, I love wind, I love wind”!  Did I believe it in the end – NO!  But I will continue to push myself because you just never know what you will have to contend with during a race.

I was looking forward to turning around though to make my way home and because it was making me ride a tad bit slower than I would have been if there was no wind I went farther than the hour, as I said earlier I continued on for another 16 minutes because I knew that I would fly home with a tail wind, or at least I hoped that it would be a tail wind!  Lucky for me when I turned around I did fly home.  What took me 1:16 going only took me 52 minutes coming home!  And it was downhill,  absolutely loved it, hitting just over 50 km/hr at one point! (I know my mom will cringe at that speed, but really mom I’m okay!)

At the start of my ride this morning I had a bit of doubt as whether I would be able to ride through this wind, but I learnt that the way to get beyond doubt is not by focusing on that doubt, but to get beyond it with action.  So I say bring on the wind!  Don’t doubt yourself in any task, just get on with it!