I was going to write a post today about my fantastic ride this morning with a group of people through Wheel Women.  As I sat down to write it I just had to have a look at Facebook (it really is a trap!) and I am glad that I did because the most amazing post by a friend in Canada stopped me in my tracks!  As I clicked on the link to hear about Zach Sobiech I saw that the video was 22 minutes long and because we all live by the clock I had second thoughts about watching.  But watch I did… watch, was amazed, shed some tears and made me really think about life and I certainly learnt some valuable lessons from this 17 year old!

ZachSometimes we sit with friends and we talk about “if we only knew then what we know now!”  Well this 17 year old knew more about life than most of us will understand in a life time.  You see at 14 he was diagnosed with Osteo Sarcoma and at the age of 17 he was told he had a few months to live.  At 14 he decided, after undergoing treatment, in and out of hospital and having the cancer spread that he was going to take control of his life and live it the way he wanted.  That was to be with friends and family, writing the most amazing music, making people laugh (that was a big goal for him) and really living life like there was no tomorrow.

When I speak to audiences the one thing I tell them is that life is not about the destination, it is about the journey, no matter how short or long that is to be.  We can’t change what we did yesterday and we have no idea what tomorrow will bring, so we have to live for today.  Zach certainly did that!  He taught me in those short 22 minutes that it’s all about living, it’s all about making people happy and that death is just another thing on the agenda.

I think that we all tend to waste too much time and energy on the things that really don’t and shouldn’t mean much in life.  Yes we have to work so that we can put a roof over our heads and food on the table, but a lot of us live to work instead of working to live!  We all want to give our families the best of everything, but we forget about the little things, like the hug as we run out the door, or telling our loved ones that we do in fact love them or just sitting as a family together for a meal.

So if there is one thing that you do today please watch this video.  Yes you may have some tears, it is a very honest and moving video.  The last thing Zach said in this video is that he “hoped that when he was gone he would be remembered as a kid who went down fighting and didn’t really lose.”  I am sure that you will agree with me when I say “Well done Zach, you fought and you won the admiration of 100’s maybe 1000’s of people and you taught us that yes It’s All About Living” RIP Zach

To view the video click here Zach Sobiech

As for my new found friends from Wheel Women, Tina, Katie, Gregoria and Michael (yes our token man this morning) that I rode with this morning “Thanks for the great morning and I am glad that I could make you laugh!”