Most people plan for the future, worry about what they’ve done wrong in the past, but forget about living in the now.  We get distracted with yesterday and tomorrow and end up missing amazing moments that are right here in front of us in the present.  The past and future don’t exist today, so start living in the present and living in acceptance.

Living right now will have a huge impact on your life.  By ceasing all unnecessary worries about the past or future, you will become more creative and efficient.  If you think about living now, rather than what you will be doing tomorrow, you will become more efficient at everything you do.  It will also help improve your concentration; you may start noticing life around you in the heart and now, instead of obsession about what life will be like a day, month or year from now.

Living in the now is also excellent of your health.  If you aren’t stressed about the mistakes you have made in the past, or worried about what you will be doing in the future, you can better relax.

The big question is: how do we live int he present?  Take the time to look at how you do things in life.  If you are a multi-tasker, stop and start to do things one at a time.  If you are speaking on the phone then just do that.  If you are speaking to someone face to face, don’t think about what you have to do later that day.  Really listen to the person you are speaking to.  Be engaged in the conversation, not the thoughts going through your head.

During each day, take some time for just you, even if it is only five or ten minutes.  Everyone can find that time; there are no excuses.  Sit quietly and think about how you are breathing.  Look around you and notice the world. Try to be comfortable about being just in that moment.