10685408_10204539683385497_6658451006719769144_nFriday morning I went to an amazing breakfast meeting.  It was with a group of people who are amazing Optimists.  People from all types of different backgrounds and businesses.  Breakfast seemed to fly by with each of us doing a short introduction of who we are and what we do, with some amazing food at the Brown Cow Cafe in Hampton.

It was a morning put together by my friend Helen Macdonald who specialises in maximising opportunities in individuals & teams, creating optimal performance in organisations of all sizes.  So who better than her to get 24 people who are ‘Optimists’ together!  Helen has put together a goal of a community of One Million+ Optimists.  She has developed a website ‘Optimism Zone’, a place where you can go when you need a boost or someone to believe in your ability to maximise your potential.

I met some incredible people Friday morning like Di Mason who runs her own fashion house called Basically Yours, Shelley Hyde who has a company Positive Pants, underwear she has designed, sells and for every pair she sells she donates a pair to an Australian woman in need and Ailsa Page who owns AP Marketing Works Pty Ltd.  All amazing women making a mark on the world!  There were so many others that I didn’t get to speak much to but hopefully next time I can tell you about them as well.

There was discussion in groups as to what challenges we faced in the next little while and we got great feed back from the others about how to overcome those challenges.  Nothing but positiveness in this group!

Helen also launched “Knots for Profit”, which will help local people in the community with small projects.



We are going to try and meet once a month and no doubt others will join and the group will grow.  I’m excited to be part of it and I look forward to meeting new people each time and learning from Every Experience I can!