I’m sitting here in San Francisco waiting for my last flight to get me back to Toronto for Christmas, people watching and wondering where everyone is going? Each airport I have been at in the last 20+ hours have been jam packed with people no doubt heading to spend the holiday season with loved ones, to celebrate such a beautiful time of the year.

I’m certainly no different except that this Christmas will probably be the last one that my father, Don, has on this earth. My brain certainly can comprehend that it is his time because he has been suffering for a number of months but my heart is breaking. My dad is my hero and always has been and I just can’t understand what life without him around would be like. Even though I live 16,000km’s away he has always been there, at the end of a phone line or after 24 hours of flying.

My dad has always been a proud, loving and faithful man. If you ever wanted a friend for life he was the man for the job! I am scared of what I will see when I arrive and I have been told that I will be surprised at how frail he is, so I am prepared. But are we ever really prepared to lose someone we love?

I’m lucky that I will be able to celebrate this Christmas with my family and celebrate my father’s amazing life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him.

So this holiday season hug those around you and tell them that you love them. Life is too short and precious not to let your feelings be known.