We’ve been in Segovia for almost a week now and most riders have been riding every day, some even 2 sessions a day.  What amazes me here is the cooperative way that pedestrians, cyclists and drivers work together.  I think that we (Australian’s) really need to take a good hard look at not just Spain but the European way of using the roads together!

I have been on all different kinds of roads here, countryside, city and highways and no matter where I have been riding I have not had one, not one, vehicle honk at me, get upset that I am on the road, or pass too close to me.  The law here is 1.5m passing zone around cyclists and it amazes me every day that no matter where you are or what the size of the vehicle they ALL abide by the law!  The Amy Gillett Foundation is trying to get the 1m rule passed in Australia and it just makes so much sense.  It certainly works here in Spain!


I must say it is a bit weird that a car or truck will just sit behind me and wait for the opportunity to pass without getting upset that there is a trike in front of them!  But I and all the other riders I have seen around the area, definitely try to get over to the right as far as possible so vehicles can get by.  It really is incredible to see so much respect for one another on the road.  I don’t know, maybe its because no one here is in a hurry, maybe we need to take a leaf out of their book!

I’m not sure how the team or I will adjust when we get back to Australia, but we will have to make sure that we don’t become complacent when riding back at home.  I certainly could get used to this mutual respect, we all want to get home safely!