While growing up I think I probably heard from every adult in my life that “if you have the right attitude you can do anything”.  This wasn’t just from my parents but teachers as well.  I think as kids we all just roll our eyes at what is said to us by the adults and just agree with them so that we can then get out of the room!  But you know what,  now that I have grown up (or at least grown older) I realize that they were right.  Yes mom and dad I am saying you were right!!!

Our attitudes define who we are, our attitudes define how are day will go and our attitudes can lead us to achievement and fulfillment.  I know that is a big statement but I believe it.

Bruce and Carol email sizeI had a friend Bruce, who unfortunately passed away a few years ago now.  I met Bruce through MS, we both had been diagnosed with it but Bruce was then diagnosed with Multiple Myloma, terminal bone cancer.  At the time of his diagnosis he was told he really didn’t have many years to live.  I don’t even remember the exact number he was given, I think it was about 2 years.  Bruce’s answer to the doctor was “don’t tell me how long I’m going to live, I’ll decide how long.”  Yes a big statement from someone just diagnosed with a terminal illness, but by god he did it!  He defied that doctor and went on to live 7 more years and he did it in style.  You could call Bruce during what you knew were the really bad days and ask him how he was and he would reply “Well I woke up breathing today, so it is going to be a wonderful day!”  Just imagine if we all woke up every day with the same attitude, what would our world be like?  His attitude definitely defined who he was!  He was one of the strongest, courageous, funny, happy-go-lucky, do anything for you, love life type of guys and I miss him all the time.

But one of the things I learnt from Bruce is never look back, always look towards your future with a great attitude.  If a man with a terminal illness can have a positive attitude, then I certainly can.  So many people have asked me where I get my positive attitude from and although I have been pretty positive my whole life I can definitely say that Bruce was my inspiration.

It is so important to not be resentful about the opportunities that you might have missed in the past, you have to change your attitude to become excited about the opportunities that will be available to you.  With an attitude that believes that every moment is an opportunity to make a difference you will create positiveness in your life.

Each wake up and believe that it will be a good day and you will be amazed at how good it canwill turn out to be.