Go For Gold LogoPeople always ask me about my 24 Hour Mega Swims and why I do what I do and why the money doesn’t go into Research to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  I like others who live with this disease would love to have a cure, finding out what causes the onset of MS would also be nice.  But people still have to live with it on a daily basis.  Some people are unable to follow their dreams, unable to work, unable to enjoy life, so if I can make their life happy for just one nano second, then I believe I have done my job.

You see the 24 Hour Mega Swims raise money to help people living with MS follow a dream.  The swims fund the “Go For Gold ” Scholarships.  These scholarships don’t discriminate on your age, sex, monetary status or religion.  The only restriciton on them is that the person is living with MS and has registered with MS Australia.  They are not elitist, they can be for anything that you can dream about, whether that be a nice back yard or competing in a sport at the top level, nothing is ever too small or too big, they are dreams!

Today I am up in Sydney for the New South Wales Go For Gold Scholarship presentation lunch.  It has been a few years since I was able to make it up for the presentations and I am really excited to hear the stories, hear the dreams and in a years time hear about the outcomes!  This is what it is all about.  All those long hours putting swims together, all those laps up and down the pools, all those peskie emails from me and everyone who takes part asking you to donate.  Yes this the culmination of what makes all the hard work worth it!

Today will be filled with a number of different emotions for not only the recipients but also the sponsors, supporters, the families, the staff of MS Australia and me.  For the recipients I am sure there will be anxiety, tears, smiles, laughs and in the end there will be that glimmer of optimism for their futures and the dreams they want to attain. I hope that with the presentation of these scholarships the recipients will find a few moments in their life filled with opportunity and abundance and really  be able to go for those dreams.

This Why I Do What I Do!!!