No doubt you are thinking that I am going to be writing about the masks that we are wearing currently due to COVID – 19, but I’m not.  Those are essential masks that we should be using!  What I am talking about is learning to love who we are and accept ourselves instead of trying to be someone that we aren’t.

It all starts when we are younger and want to fit in to the ‘group’.  I remember in high school there were a number of different groups and usually there was at least one or two that you wanted to be part of.  There was the ‘Sporty’ group, the ‘Cool’ group, or god forbid the ‘Nerdy’ group.  Sometimes we put on a persona of being someone we aren’t just to fit in or to make sure that no one sees the real us so that we aren’t rejected.  We work really hard to fit in so that those years of high school aren’t sad and lonely.

However as we get older some people can’t seem to get out of the rut of becoming someone we aren’t in order to mask the feeling of not being good enough. There are times that we want to be accepted by what we perceive other people want, not who we actually are for fear again of rejection.

There are a number of masks we can wear and we all do it – that smiling face when we feel the world is crashing around us, but we don’t want others to see what is really going on.  That confident look that says, ‘I can do this’, when in fact the fear is rising in our throats and we actually don’t have the confidence to be who we truly are.  We have that mask we put on when attending a gathering or party when really in fact we would love to be curled up in bed with a good book.

If we are wearing masks I believe it is because we feel that those around us won’t love the person that we actually are.  Or is it ourselves that we need to learn to love, our true self?

So 3 reasons to unmask yourself:

  • To let the world can see what a unique and truly beautiful person you are.
  • So that you can truly learn who you are, learn to love yourself and let those around you love the real you.
  • To stop wasting energy trying to be someone on the outside that you aren’t on the inside, this will only hinder what you are truly meant to be.

It can be hard and scary to take off the mask that lets us feel acceptance and it can be like facing the world naked.  But it is so liberating to show the world who you really are.

‘The truth is we all want to be known. And we’re simultaneously afraid of it.  We want to be unmasked, and the person who can unmask us wins our respect.’ ~ Erica Jong

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