Life is funny sometimes, you can prepare, have plans and know what direction you want to be headed and then life can throw you a curve ball!

The first two World Cups of the year and been raced with some very mixed feelings and results for me.  I’ve had one thing left on the bucket list and that was to win the World Cup Series.  As Australians we hardly ever get to go to all the World Cups because obviously we are so far away from where they are held that it is too expensive to attend all of them.  So this year I decided to put my money and time into staying in Europe to do all of the 3 World Cups.  But competition is tough and with the results that I have had I am far from attaining that bucket list item.  It’s not over yet but it isn’t looking like the outcome that I wanted.

I had a shocking week in Italy and it all started with my travel over from Australia.  I have never usually had a problem with long haul flights but this time my body just didn’t want to cooperate.  So I spent the first couple of weeks not sleeping well and my body out of alignment which caused a lot of issues with my left leg.  Thank goodness for our amazing physio Eliza, who worked and worked on me!  So I ended up winning a silver in the TT and a bronze in the Road Race.  Mind you I went out way too fast in the TT and just about felt like dying on the way back!  So some lessons were learned as well.

By the time we were in Oostende, Belgium I was feeling much better (maybe not 100% but better) and I was able to pull off the win in the TT. But in the Road Race, Jill Walsh from the USA was just too strong for me on the day, taking off with the guys and hanging on!  I did hang on until about halfway through the 2nd lap when I was 10 seconds down and as I was trying to bridge the gap a few team tactics came into play and I was unable to make it back to her.  So came away with the Silver medal and a lot of lessons learnt once again!  Jill took the World Cup Leaders Jersey and with one WC left even if I was to win both she would have to place 3rd in both and I think that is highly unlikely.  But never say never and always have determination!

On my way to winning the TT in Belgium

I know that most people would say that coming away with 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal isn’t bad, but my performances weren’t up to the standard that I hold myself to.  Each and every race is a learning experience and also learning how my competitors race.  So I am looking to build on that for the next races.

I’ve never been more determined to have some better races in the coming months.  I’m in Germany right now travelling with Hannah Dines of Great Britain and we are training with Hans-Peter Durst. He and his wife Ulrike have welcomed us into their home.  Then it is on to the Cologne Classic in two weeks, then more training at the Australian Institute of Sport European Training Centre in Italy, then finally the 3rd World Cup in The Netherlands at the end of June.  

So I am determined to do the best that I can and if I don’t reach that final bucket list item I will just have to give it a go next year!

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  1. Lynnette Stacker 24/05/2017 at 9:36 pm - Reply

    Hey Carol
    Fantastic results. Congratulations. I know it wasn’t quite what you had hoped for however a fantastic achievement. No doubt you will reach your lofty standards again. All the very best for your next races
    Cheers Lyn

    • CarolC 26/05/2017 at 7:40 pm - Reply

      Thanks Lyn

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