The year 2020 will certainly go down in history as a year when the world changed.  None of us would have expected this year to turn out like it did.  Everyone’s life was turned upside down, mine included but I was lucky in that COVID_19 didn’t touch my life like others who lost loved ones.  But the one thing it did was teach me lessons which I believe improved my life and kept me sane through the last 9 months.  I might even hazard to say that this year changed my life for the better!

Here are 8 things that I learnt this year during lockdown and I believe that the have enhanced my life.  Hopefully, I won’t forget these lessons I learnt and I can take them into the next year and beyond.

  1. Learn to Meditate ~ I started doing meditation just 10 minutes a day. I figured if I could start my day in a grounded and calm state then the rest of the day would go well.  It wasn’t easy to do but by following a simple ‘learn to meditate’ program on an app I became hooked and I am happy to say that today was day 246 of meditating every single day.
  2. Read something Inspirational every day ~ I started listening to Darren Hardy from the USA. He has a daily 5 – 10 minutes podcast called Darren Daily on week days and on the weekend I have been listening to inspirational talks through my meditation app.  It is great to start off the day with a smile on your face and good thoughts running through your head.
  3. Keep a Gratitude Journal ~ Every night before I hit the pillow I write down 3 things that I am grateful for. It was really hard at the start during the first lockdown but I started looking at my life and realising how lucky I really was.  The more I write about what I am grateful for the easier it becomes.   If you go to bed grateful, the world looks wonderful when you wake up.
  4. Have a daily routine ~ I realised at the start of the lockdown back in March that if I didn’t have a routine I would go crazy. So I decided that I needed something other than training to focus on, so decided to start writing.  That writing became my second book which I finished in August and have since signed a publishing deal.  If I hadn’t had a daily routine I don’t think the book would have ever come to fruition.
  5. Learn something new ~ Instead of getting caught up in social media I decided that I needed to learn something, so signed up for some online courses, one through Darren Hardy and one through the Speakers Institute in Sydney. Through the DH course I met a new friend who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, who became my accountability partner and is someone I would have never known if not for the course and lockdown.  But learning also kept my brain alive and thinking.  I am also halfway through reading my 8th book  of which all have been of a different genre.
  6. Get a mentor ~ This is something I never really had or thought I needed. But after doing a podcast with Andrew Jobling and his Wellness Puzzle Podcast’, Andrew became my mentor for my second book and it was probably one of the best things I could have done.  His help and belief in me assisted me in getting my publishing deal.  So I suggest that anyone wanting that extra little push just find yourself someone to assist you with that push.
  7. Stop watching and reading the news ~ One thing I learnt this year was that whatever you put in your brain you get out! So I have tried to stop reading and watching the news.  There is never anything good on it and I believe that if I put crap in then how I am feeling and thinking will come out the same.  If there is something that will be important enough to know I’ll listen but for now I would rather listen to inspiration instead of dread.
  8. Accept that life is what it is ~ We have to accept what is. As I say when I am giving my talks; we have to live each day as if it’s our last.  We can’t changed the situation the world finds itself in but we can assist by doing the right things.  But we have to live today with the passion that it ought to be lived. 

We certainly can’t change what has happened in the world this year. But with these 8 lessons I have learnt, as long as I keep using them, I hope that they can take me into 2021 with the belief that the world will heal and that we will somehow get back to some sort of normal.

‘Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere’ ~ Chinese Proverb

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