BostonWe have been in Boston for just over 3 days now.  Our trip here was pretty uneventful except for the 2 hour delay in Dallas because part of the plane was broken!  But once it was fixed we were on our way, the only problem was that we got in in the wee hours of the morning and had to be at the sheds by 9:30 the next morning.  So after about 3 and a half hours we were back up, showered and on our way to the Community Rowing Inc. sheds.

Wow, what an amazing shed with over 400 boats (not including all the singles which are housed in their own separate shed), it is an incredible place.  They have 28 – eights alone and a small version of forklifts to actually reach some of the boats that are stored up high!  The 2nd floor of the building houses not only change rooms but they have well over 50 ergo’s, a weight room and meeting rooms.  The club has a huge Para Rowing program, learn to row programs and disadvantaged schools program (where they bus kids in to learn to row).  During the winter they have “Get Fit” classes and a huge number of ergo classes at numerous times of the day.  It really is an amazing set up.

We have hired a stern coxed 4 from them and all of the rowers have been more than welcoming.  It had been a pretty quiet couple of days at the shed until today when a number of international crews have arrived, one being the Men’s Eight’s from France and Germany,  so it has been interesting and fascinating to watch.  We have also been blessed with the presence of Jenni the USA’s Para Rowing coxswain who has been assisting our coxswain Nell understand the river.  It is definitely a technical race and she has given Nell some amazing pointers.

Community Rowing Inc shed, minus the singles shed!

Community Rowing Inc shed, for all boats except singles.

Singles Shed

Singles Shed

Ergo Room

Ergo Room

We are well and truly into Autumn here and while rowing down the river  it is beautiful.  All the trees are turning a multitude of colours and I must admit that we have been very blessed with the weather so far.  We had been advised to bring thermals with us because in past years it has been known to snow during the regatta, but so far it has been beautiful even hitting a balmy 23 yesterday!

We have had some wonderful rows and were even paid a visit by Darren Croker, from Croker Oars!  Sara our reserve rower had contacted him about something for her fundraiser but instead he offered us some oars to use and let me tell you it was very much appreciated.  We had been given some oars to use and I think that most of us weren’t very happy with them, so this afternoon we had a short row with the Croker oars and as Pete our 3 seat said “It feels like we are home!”  So we are extremely happy and grateful to Darren for the use of the oars.

Delivery of Croker Oars by Darren Croker himself!

Delivery of Croker Oars by Darren Croker himself!

We have one more day to train on the river before the Head of the Charles racing begins on Saturday.  We race Sunday at 8am Boston time which is 11pm Melbourne time.  I am led to believe that there will be live streaming of the races on their website.  So if you can’t sleep feel free to click on and watch!  We have 4 crews in the LTA4+ category with the favourite being the USA LTA4+ that raced recently at the World Rowing Championships in South Korea.  But they haven’t met us yet!

We haven’t seen much of Boston yet, but I am hoping that after the race on Sunday I will have a little trip around the city and maybe even catch one of the tours Monday morning before I leave for the airport.  But first and foremost is about the race so the tourist stuff can wait until that is done and dusted!

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  1. Phyllis Banks 18/10/2013 at 9:02 pm - Reply

    Good Luck on Sunday Carol,

    we will find out how you did when we come back from our 2 days
    in the north country.
    Mom and Dad

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