2015 The Year That Was

By | December 30th, 2015|Celebration, Charity, Motivation, Racing, Speaking, Training|

My last couple of blogs have been written with sadness in my heart, but this year has also been one of a number of huge highs to go along with those lows. With just a few days left in 2015 (where the heck did it go?) I thought I would write about those highs and [...]

Becoming an Elite Para Cyclist – Part 4

By | November 19th, 2015|Motivation|

As cyclists we all deal with pain and that pain can be just because we are working hard during a session or we are sore from a previous session. But we deal with it and we push through it because we want to get better at what we are doing. Most elite cyclists will give [...]

Becoming an Elite Para Cyclist – Part 3

By | November 15th, 2015|BLOG, Motivation, MS, Racing, Training|

I’ve now written about a couple of symptoms that I have to deal with such as heat intolerance and balance issues, but I think that one of the most debilitating symptoms is fatigue. Now I know a lot of people will say, ‘but I get tired too’. Unfortunately this type of MS fatigue is a [...]

Becoming an Elite Para Cyclist – Part 2

By | November 11th, 2015|Motivation|

When I am out training it is really interesting how many people give me a second look. You see I do stand out riding a trike, or as I say to the children I speak to, a tricycle on steroids! Most of the time people are intrigued as to why I’m on 3 wheels but [...]

Rest, Recover, Reconnect and Rejuvenate

By | October 3rd, 2015|BLOG, Family, Motivation|

After what seemed a very busy year it was time to take some time off to rest, recover and reconnect with Russ then come back rejuvenated and ready for the next year which will be huge!  I had come home from South Africa not even wanting to get on my trike.  I unpacked it and [...]

Africa At It’s Best

By | September 14th, 2015|BLOG, Celebration, Motivation|

Wow what a fabulous way to end our stay in South Africa than with a little sightseeing!  This morning most of the team were treated to a  flight in our hosts light plane like I had at the start of our time here.  Brian took each person that wanted to up for a ten minute [...]

A Country of Contrasts

By | September 11th, 2015|BLOG, Motivation|

Over the last 6 days that we have been here in South Africa I have noticed so many contrasts: Extremely green pockets of land vs the desolate wind swept dry lands, The beautiful gated homes vs the small tin shed homes and The hustle and bustle of the cities vs the serenity and slowness of the [...]

World Para Cycling Championships – Road Race

By | August 2nd, 2015|Motivation|

Well today certainly didn't go as I had quite planned!  But then again sometimes it is good to have someone else beat you and teach you a very good lesson in the process. Our race was supposed to start at 11:02am but was held up by 10 minutes which is no big deal.  When it [...]


By | July 30th, 2015|Motivation, Racing|

The hard work has been done.  All those hills, those cold and dark mornings and those efforts have led to today. I remind myself that I can only control the controllables. There is nothing more to be done except to believe in myself and my abilities. Thanks to all those who have ridden beside me, [...]


By | July 27th, 2015|BLOG, Celebration, Motivation, Training|

Arrived in Switzerland yesterday very tired and drained from the World Cup Road Race, had dinner and hit the sack.  This morning I had classification and then headed out on a ride by myself and found myself staring at mountains in the distance. I still have a hard time believing that I am really here! [...]