It certainly has been a long time since I wrote anything here but it’s not that I haven’t had anything to write, it’s just that I’ve been busy.  After coming back from the World Championships I found that my trike was damaged and needed repair before I could ever get on it.  The damage unfortunately was a lot worse than I thought and it looks like I will have not only a fixed back axle but a new frame as well compliments of Liv Cycling Australia!  Talk about support!  They are second to none and if you know of any female who wants to buy a bike I would suggest buying one of their’s!

So what have I been doing you might ask?  Well yes back to my rowing roots, with blistered hands, sore hips and a bad back I am back in Boston to tackle for one last time the Head of The Charles Regatta in an LTA4+ boat.  We are racing under the St. George Rowing Club based in Sydney.  So as soon as I was back from the States I jumped into a number of boats at my own club, the Melbourne Rowing Club and also had a couple of training camps in Sydney with the rest of the crew.  Now I know that I have said this before…funny enough after last year’s HOCR that I would never row again, well this time I mean it.  It has been a very fine balancing act of trying to train and keeping my body in working order.  Sweep rowing (rowing with one oar) does not like me and I have had numerous appointments over the past month and a half with physio’s, chiropractor and massage therapy just to be able to get in this boat and row.

Head of the Charles Crew 2014

Head of the Charles Crew 2014

I have even sold my single and so this will be it.  But what a way to finish off.  It is the 50th anniversary of the Head of The Charles so I will be able to lay claim to the fact that I have rowed in both it and the 50th anniversary of the Head of the Yarra in Melbourne.  But then it will definitely be time to ‘hang up the oars’.  Last year I was part of crew rowing out of Balmain Rowing Club.  Three of us from that crew are in the St. George boat and Balmain have put a crew together as well.  So it will be an interesting competition between us and then as well as 3 other crews from here in the USA.  We have come together nicely and I believe that we have a good shot.  But in saying that we can only do our best and the outcome will be what it is.

We arrived Monday night US time after 24 hours of travelling and today we spent a lot of the day with the boat that we will be rowing with Adrian (coach) trying to set it up for us so that it was exactly like the one at home we have been rowing.  Then we went out for a short “blow out the cobwebs” row.  It wasn’t too bad although we were all a little tired.  But tomorrow we are out to do the entire course.

Once again we have been help out by Community Rowing Inc (CRI) in Boston.  An amazing place for people to learn how to row, no matter where they come from, are welcome and they are most generous in helping out crews who come to Boston for HOTC.  Just today we caught up with the Balmain crew, the men’s eight from South Africa and a Masters Women’s 4 from Melbourne Uni.  The area around CRI is beautiful and it is certainly a please to be able to row and use their facilities.

Grounds and River out from CRI

Grounds and River out from CRI

One of the CRI sheds

One of the CRI sheds










We have a few more days of training and getting used to the boat and the course then race day is on Sunday the 19th.  We are the first event of the day and we will be off in the number 4 position, so will be trying to catch those 3 boats ahead of us!  There will be a live podcast of the racing which can be found here – Live Podcast

Next update will be to let you know the results!

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  1. Phyllis Banks 15/10/2014 at 11:59 pm - Reply

    Looks like a pretty healthy team. Go girl and finish your rowing career with another win.
    Love to you,
    Mom and Dad

    • CarolC 16/10/2014 at 12:43 pm - Reply

      Hi mom and dad, we will certainly try to finish with a win! Love you both ~ Carol

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