There is no doubt we are living in uncertain times.  Especially here in Victoria have no idea what our ‘normal’ will be in the next couple of weeks or even if we will get there.  Like the rest of the world we have no control. 

Most of us are wired to have control of our lives and our own destinies.  That is something that has certainly been taken from us this year.  We have to rely on others making decisions for us about how we live our lives right now and this can be uncomfortable. So, it’s natural for all of us to be worried about the future as it has become an unknown quantity.

With all this uncertainty we at least have our own comfort zones, within ourselves.  I don’t know about you but I love my comfort zone and I’m quite happy staying there most of the time.  However, after being in that comfort zone for the last few months I’m over it. 

Like everyone else I miss seeing my family and friends, miss the travel that I do every year and miss having the ability to just go where I want to when I want to.  I am missing adventure – like finding a new cycling trail to ride with my friend Clare or exploring a new city that I have never been to.

As I have written over the last months I set myself a schedule so that my days have been full and comfortable.  I have accomplished quite a few things; Renovated my kitchen, painted it, cleaned my house cupboards, had surgery on my leg, had my website revamped, written a book and continued to train even more than I ever have.  Geez I’m tired just typing all of that!

Right now, there is no way to know what the next minute, day, week or month will bring and it reminds me of when I first moved out of my parents home into the big bad world of living by myself.  It was scary and uncertain but I not only survived but I blossomed to become the person that I am today.

As we get closer to being allowed to get on with life I am thinking about what inspires and drives me instead of what scares me.  I am trying to embrace the uncertainty of what is to come and believe that what lies on the other side of our fast changing and unpredictable world will be a journey of spectacular consequences.

I am going to use the next couple of weeks to plan the first adventure that I am allowed to do…so what are you going to plan?  Embrace the uncertainty and look for your own spectacular journey.


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  1. Steve Knott 14/09/2020 at 7:16 am - Reply

    Hi CarolC -Understand your frustration. So what’s next for you now that Tokyo 2020 has been delayed?

    • CarolC 15/09/2020 at 7:51 am - Reply

      Hi Steve, well I just keep training towards next year! We aren’t sure if Nationals will take place but I aim for that and look forward to hopefully racing in Tokyo next year! Hope you are well and keep training!

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