imageI can’t believe how fast my time at home is going. But in saying that I have jam packed things in that I need to do in two weeks. Retrospectively I probably should have stayed a bit longer as it is really hard to catch up with everyone.

Home base has been with my mom and dad in Scarborough where I grew up. It has been really interesting driving around the old neighbourhood to see how much it has grown up! My old high school looks so small and I remember it being so big! The trees that had been planted throughout the area are huge! I have to keep telling myself that I am over 50 and so are those trees! The weather has so far been kind, it has been lovely and sunny for most of thisfirst week

imageSo what has this first week entaled?
-I’ve not only seen my immediate family but I’ve gone to moms coffee time with the ladies she walks with
-I’ve done coffee time and breakfast with dad and all the old retired coppers I used to either work for or with.
– I’ve spent one night with my ex-police partner Kim and his wife Linda at their new home in Seagrave and another night with Bill (another retired cop) and his wife Nancy (they just happen to live across the lake from Kim). And had a great night with all of them, thanks for the headache guys!
– I’ve had my Australian niece Jamie and her husband Kam to dinner at mom and dads place,
– I’ve visited my aunt Rheta and uncle Bob for dinner with my sister
– I’ve celebrated my mom and dads 53rd wedding anniversary and
– fit training in
(Seems like a lot of food and it is, thank god for training!)
All of this in just my first week. No wonder it’s seems to be going fast and there is still so much more to come!

I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life and it has been wonderful to try and catch up with all of them. I’m in two minds right now, I’m looking forward to the next week and I’m not! Let me explain…I will be catching up with many more people from all different areas of my life, work, school, family, old neighbours and it will be fantastic, but the week will go fast and I will have to say goodbye shortly which is always sad. If we could only slow down time!

But enough looking ahead, time to hit the road running and head out to the next visit!

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