We all experience frustrating times in life and especially in the last 15 months during this pandemic.  We all thought that once we got through lockdown last year that life as we know it would return to normal.  Well now as us Victorians are into our 4th lockdown the frustration is building again.

For me I think that seeing messages from friends around the world who are preparing for the Road World Para Cycling Championships in Portugal makes it even more frustrating than normal.  I know that we are doing this for the good of our health and the country but by god it makes me sad that we aren’t there getting ready to race.

I think one thing that is helping me get through this time is the meditation that I do each morning.  It makes me live in the moment, not worry about yesterday, what will happen tomorrow or what will even happen later today, but just concentrate on this one moment in time.  What I am feeling…the disappointment and the loss of free movement around my city, my state, my country and my world tends to fade a little quicker when I put my meditation into practice.

When I’m not fighting the reality of the present moment I am able to move into acceptance. For anyone facing frustrating times in life please remember that you can’t always control your situation but you can control your attitude to the situation.  I’ve realised that we are allowed to be sad, disappointed, angry and frustrated at the present situation but at least using the teachings from my meditation I can be less reactive to the ups and downs of life.

I do wish all my friends who are competing at the World Championships the best of luck and I hope that I will be able to race with them next year…after all next year the championships are in Canada and it would be great to be able to race in the country of my birth.

To all those Victorians who are again in lockdown until at least Thursday we have to keep the faith that by the weekend most of the conditions will be lifted and we can resume some normalcy of life.  And if anyone needs to chat, please reach out to me.

Mindfulness give you time.  Time gives you choices.  Choices, skilfully made, lead to freedom. ~ Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

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  1. Phyllis Banks 01/06/2021 at 1:20 am - Reply

    It must be very frustrating not to be able to train with the athletes in Portugal.
    I certainly will look forward to your participation next year in Canada.
    You are an amazing person, being able to help those who are suffering frustration and disappointment just as you are.
    I am so proud of you. ❤️

    • CarolC 01/06/2021 at 10:21 pm - Reply

      Thanks so much mom, love you xx

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