Some days are just not meant to be easy.  Do you ever have those days where just nothing seems to go right.  No matter what you do something seems to go wrong.  Those days when you just want to go back to bed and hope that if you get out the other side things will change for you.

Yesterday seemed like one of those for me.  It started with a ride down to the St. Kilda Cycling Club crits but on the way there I got a flat front tyre.  I was however able to change it pretty quickly so I thought things were good until I tried to pump it up with my hand pump.  After 10 minutes of pumping it just wasn’t working that well, so I finished riding to the the crits with  a flat tyre and was able to fill it with a proper pump once there.

Getting ready to race I was excited as I didn’t feel too bad but after 8 minutes of racing I was dropped from the group…this was going to be a long 35 minutes and 3 laps!  The legs felt heavy and dead!  But I finished and was ready to do my part and volunteer when I then found out I wasn’t on the list!  So after watching a couple of races headed home.

By the time I got home I was so tired that I decided the best thing for me was to go back to bed.  The next hour was bliss!   But I just couldn’t get myself going even after that lovely nap.  Now this might not have been a hard day for someone else…everyone has their own problems in their own worlds.

On days like this it is important to keep a sense of humour, remember that those things that have gone wrong you won’t even remember them in a years time or even in a weeks time!  Days like this will happen, when even doing the simplest of things seems like a major challenge.  It’s important to accept the fact and look for something in the day to be grateful for.  For me it was the fact that I could have a nap and when I realised how tired I was I decided to be nice to myself and not try to do much more in my day.  The wonder dog Jack was happy because we went to the dog park earlier than usual!  I had no energy but he certainly did!

Keep in mind that on days like this to look forward to the next day in the hopes that it will be a beautiful day and be kind to others…you never know what how their day is going!