Who would have thought back in January this year that the world would have changed so much!  I remember hearing about a new virus in China but to be honest I gave it not a second thought.  We had been through this before with SARS and it had been dealt with pretty quickly.  I continued on with my plans for racing in Europe and was looking forward to getting back there for some good training, racing and catching up with friends.

When news from Italy came through that the first area to go into lockdown was exactly where I was to be heading on May 1st my prospects of getting over there were slowly fading.  But I still had hope that I would just change my plans to stay away from Italy and still do some racing in Switzerland, France and Belgium.  Oh, how quickly plans can change.

But life is like that…change.  We deal with it everyday of our life, some of it small and some of it big.  As has been said before “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we react to it”.

I don’t know about you but I felt pretty much removed from it here in Australia, that is until travellers started returning home, the cruise ships started docking and the virus started taking hold.  But Australia responded really fast making sure that travellers were quarantined for 14 days in hotels and then we went into our first stage 3 lockdown.  This was when the world changed for most us; working from home, no schools open, no gyms, pools or sporting facilities open, no group rides or exercise, no cafes, no restaurants, no pubs, no entertainment venues and no wandering around a shopping mall.  Life kind of went on hold.  We all learned to cope with it; to work from home, to educate our children at home, to gather socially via technology with Zoom, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams or other means.   We all seemed to realise that we needed to try and ‘flatten the curve’.  Oh, how this saying became the mantra of the government and we learned that we had to ‘social distance’.  I for one don’t like the term ‘social distancing’ because I felt like I was doing more socialising than ever, albeit via technology.  I would rather have the term ‘physical distancing’, to me it relates much better.

Things got better and it looked like we were over the worst…then the second wave it.  Not all around Australia, just in Victoria so far.  Through stupidity of certain individuals, we are in a worse situation than at the beginning.  And we are now back in lockdown or ISO Take 2 as I call it.

But it is interesting how many more people and more cars are out on the streets than during the first lockdown.  This week it became mandatory in Melbourne for face masks to be worn and I do have some friends who are anti-mask.  I really don’t understand why because whether they work or not at least we are trying to do something.  I’ve had a relative who has had the virus and she told me it is the worst thing she has ever gone through.  It’s not just an old people’s disease like so many younger people want to believe, my relative is in her 30’s.  Yes she survived but not until after being very sick and no one knows what the long term implications will be.

So please people, do your part, stay at home if you can, if you can’t, wear a mask, continue to ‘physical distance’ from others and constantly wash your hands.  The last thing I want to see are friends and acquaintances contracting this virus, you all mean too much to me.  So lets all be the gang in this world that tackles this insidious virus.

Love to all in this crazy time in our world.

“You and I are more than friends. We’re like a really small gang.” — Unknown


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