I have been a bit remiss in writing lately but I have good reason, I have been training hard! My road to Rio is in full swing and between upping the training on the bike I have really been working hard in the gym. But it isn’t all about me, yes I am the one who has to ride the bike and do the work but it really does take a team for an athlete to get to the top of their game.

I’ve been fortunate that the last 9 years I have been supported by the Victorian Institute of Sport, first as a rower and now as a cyclist. Through the VIS I am supported by physical prep staff member Ben, who writes my gym programs, Sports Scientist Nick who through testing helps my coach develop my training program. I have access to some of the best medical staff around plus my nutritionist Kyle and if needed physiotherapists, all included. It is a great place to go and train with like minded athletes from every sport imaginable around you…inspiring you!


Apart from the VIS, I have my coach, Bec, who challenges me with every session she sets and is there to push me when doing efforts or testing. I also have some friends who push me while training, some of these are women from our cycling club St. Kilda, others are individuals like my friends Clare and Kym who would most likely be finished their rides faster if they weren’t hanging back with me! My husband Russ is a big part of my team, cooking up a storm each night to make sure that I am getting all the nutrients that I need and looking after the home front while I’m out training each day or travelling the world.

Also part of my team is the Australian Para Cycling Team and staff members.  Being part of such an amazing team with some incredible riders pushes me to be the best that I can!

Australian National Para Cycling Team

Australian National Para Cycling Team

But an important part of my team are the businesses that sponsor me. Liv Cycling Australia who have provided me with a bike each year since 2012 and cycling gear, so that I can have the best equipment possible. More recently new members of my team that have come on board are She Science who have provide me with bras and training gear with their catch phrase ‘ban the bounce’ being one very dear to me!!! And just last week High Five Nutrition have come on board providing me with products to use for energy, hydration and recovery which is a very important aspect of training.

Liv Australia




With this massive team in place I am hoping that my Road to Rio will be smooth sailing. Nationals are at the end of this month and my first step to being selected on the team. From there I am looking at Europe in May for some good racing with the hopeful eventual outcome of Rio in September.

My goal of winning two gold medals in Rio won’t just be my success if it happens, but the success of all those in my team.  Thank you to everyone for being part of my team!

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