Yesterday I went  to the funeral of an amazing woman who I rowed with.  I didn’t know Louise that well but she was the kind of woman who never had a cross word to say about anyone and she always had a smile on her face.  She was a very outgoing and bright person and when I say bright I mean she always had the colour orange in her life.

Yesterday I learned a lot about Louise and it was one of the most amazing funerals I have ever been to.  You see Louise knew she was dying and organised her own funeral and it was full of colour!  I have never seen a casket like the one she had, very bright orange flowers, not one of the typical overly expensive wood ones but one that actually had the flowers painted on the entire casket, with beautiful real orange flowers sitting on top of it.  There was a slide show of photos from her entire life which showed how much she loved life!  There were stories told by her sister and another friend from rowing which had the everyone there laughing.  You see her instructions to the funeral home were that no one was to cry.  Well I’m sorry Louise but there were a few tears, how could there not be, but there was also a lot of laughing.

The way that Louise lived every moment went far beyond that moment and the colour that she brought to that life was obvious when most people who were at her funeral had some bit of orange on!  Yesterday reminded me that we have to remember that NOW is the right time to live, to experience and to fulfil the unique possibilities of our precious lives.  Thank you Louise for reminding me of this by how you lived.

Louise you will be missed…RIP.





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