image There have been a few moments of questioning whether our bikes, trikes and hand cycles would actually get here. It seems that there has been some corruption within the Canadian Customs area and I don’t know if this was the problem or not. But Our staff members had to jump through hoops to get our equipment released and were finally able to last night at about 5pm. They then had the 8 hour drive to Matane. To their credit and that of our mechanics and all the riders we were able to get everything assembled and most riders were on the road within a couple of hours after breakfast.

I went out for a ride with Ben Cook, the coach looking after our trike riders here in Canada. We had a great ride around the course inspecting the road surface, camber, corners and hills. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, although there are certainly a number of pot holes we definitely need to avoid. But after riding around it a number of times I think it is a great course for me. There is one factor in play here and that is the wind. As I was riding I kept thinking, thank god for Beach Road and the training I have been doing in the wind! It will be interesting to see which way it is blowing on race day. Either way we will have to contend with it and this could be a make or break for some riders.

The one question I have for Canada is “What the hell happened to summer?” Although the rest of Canada is having lovely weather, I feel like I haven’t left Melbourne. Top temperature today…15 degrees. Forecast for race day…rain and 15! At least I don’t have to get acclimatised to warm weather.

Lastly for today, my roomie Bianca is new to international racing but happily was classified today as a T1 rider. We have been having a lot of laughs rooming together and hopefully I have been able to help her out. I remember when I was new to the team and it can be a bit scary taking in all the new things around you.

We race in 2 days, we’ve done all the hard work and I am looking forward to getting out there. I have achieved a lot in the last 18 months but as Ralph Marston says “Achievement is not a good reason to stop achieving. In fact, it’s a great starting point for even more achievement.”

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  1. Tina McCarthy 22/08/2013 at 6:39 am - Reply

    Hey Carol, I can hear in my head “the wind is your friend”!!
    Wheel Women Wicked Wed on next week. later start!

    • CarolC 22/08/2013 at 12:26 pm - Reply

      Oh believemethat has been going through my head constantly!

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