Today I decided that I was going to start with everyone else from the hotel.  We had looked at the terrain and after seeing the speeds that the group rode yesterday I figured I wouldn’t have a problem keeping up with them.  The ride started at 8:00 am and up here in country Victoria it was a tad bit chilly considering what our weather has been like.  As we headed out it was only 13 degrees but felt a lot cooler than that due to a massive wind!  I think I must attract the wind, I guess I should start liking it!

The first bit of the ride was a gradual downhill but after only a couple of km’s we hit a climb.  I was dead smack in the middle of the peloton, or at least I thought I was, and they took the climb really easy as we were just still warming up.  At about 10km into the ride the front six rotated and bugger me if I wasn’t in the front six.  I then ended up in the lead of the group alongside Irish David and no sooner had we taken the lead and we were hit by a massive cross wind!  I was extremely worried that I would hold everyone up as the back end of the trike was buffeted by this wind, but I was actually asked to slow down.  Well that was a first!

2013-03-02 12.11.00Eventually just about 8km later my turn at the front was over and I certainly wasn’t upset about that!  I slotted myself in a bit farther back than where I began and of course just as I did that we turned and had a pretty good tailwind!  It was fantastic riding through the country side and the smell of the Aussie bush is magnificent.  I think a lot of Aussie’s are desensitised to the eucalyptus smell, but every time I am in the country I am overwhelmed by this beautiful aroma.  It is also amazing the wildlife that you run across and the noise that some of the birds can make.  I absolutely love it!

I was quite surprised by the speed that we were travelling and my misgivings about being able to hold over 30km/hr vanished.  I do most of my training by myself so it was extremely wonderful to be riding with a bunch and actually having a chat.  Before I 2013-03-02 10.27.36knew it we were at our morning tea break and coffee and we had travelled just about halfway for the ride today.  Never thought I would say this but god I needed a coffee and I don’t think I have ever had one that tasted so good, but only because I really needed that caffeine hit!

After our coffee stop I jumped into the lead vehicle to cover the last 70 km so I could do my job of “Social Media Coordinator”.  Everyone did a fantastic job and was able to finish the 122km without a problem.  Steve our MS Ambassador completed the ride which takes his total up to over 200km on his way to his target of 700km.

2013-03-02 14.40.55Upon arriving in Bendigo at the Quest Apartments and receiving our room allocations, everyone was ready for a shower and some food.  No worries there in the food department as Greg and Duncan turned on the BBQ beside the pool and there was more than enough food to eat.  Funny how food always tastes better when you are really, really hungry!

But not only the shower and food, but our massage therapist was put to work with almost everyone 2013-03-02 14.07.47putting their name on the massage list.  Not sure there are enough hours in the day for Jill.  But she is one smart woman and invited a friend of hers to help out!  I’m sure we’ll get through the list without a problem!

We head out for dinner tonight, I’m told it is a Thai restaurant and then I am pretty sure this old body will enjoy my bed.  I’ll be out again first thing in the morning to tackle the terrain with the others!

Before I close I must thank our sponsors because without them this wouldn’t be happening.  Monjon, Hampton Cycles, Dextro Energy and Scody, thanks for your support!



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  1. Phyllis Banks 02/03/2013 at 6:29 pm - Reply


    You certainly have had a full day. I agree with you about the eucalyptus .
    I would have loved riding through the country side, just to smell that beautiful aroma.
    Enjoy the rest of the trip.

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