Yesterday after we had all had our BBQ, massages, swims and rests (at least some of us didn’t head to a pub!) we all headed  into the city of Bendigo for a Thai dinner.  When we arrived it was obviously a good place as it was very full and also had people lined up for take away.  We had booked tables so at least they knew we were coming.  The day before we were asked to write something that NO ONE knew about us and there was to be a competition with all the statements listed on one page which we then had to put names to.

Thai Group Dinner

Thai Group Dinner

Well let me tell you, there were some interesting comments!  In the end it was Kristene who won after being able to put 7 names to the statements.  Statements such as “I used to be a hustler”, “I got kicked out of two schools”, “I used to stutter” and “I got caught by my mother having sex with my girlfriend in a car under a street light”.  We certainly learnt a lot about each other!  We did find out who had said each statement.



Today we were leaving Bendigo at 8am to make our way to Shepparton (town of the painted cows), 130km away.  I had decided that I would ride to the tea break which was about 80km away.  I knew it would be a challenge for me and again I was just worried that I would hold the other riders back.2013-03-03 08.00.27It was fairly chilly this morning and I had put on arm warmers and my jacket thinking that by the time we stopped for the first toilet break, around 33km, it would be warm enough to take those layers off.  Boy I was wrong…it got very warm a lot earlier than I expected and for those of you that know about MS, most of us really don’t like the heat.  I got so warm that I lost the feeling in my hands and my fatigue levels were rising so that I was dropping off the front group a number of times.  They slowed down until I caught up but this happened a number of times.  I couldn’t wait to stop to strip off!

We finally got to the stop and the first thing I did was get rid of my layers, what a difference!  Mind you I had just ridden the fastest one hour that I have ever done!  But the difference the next hour was huge, with the feeling in my hands coming back and my energy levels getting better.  The guys had actually slowed down by about 2km/hr from the first hour and I think it was because they were saving themselves for a Team Time Trial!  Bade had put the riders into 3 teams and at 61km we were all going to be put in our teams for a 16km TT.  Myself, Kristene, Alex and Bade were in team 3 and we were just going to have a good ride, not so much be part of the race.  I think it was going to help the guys blow out the cobwebs from riding slow enough for us to keep up!  And boy did they ride fast, well over 40km/hr.  After the TT we had about 3km’s to ride to the tea break and I tell you that after 81.7km, I was stuffed and the cakes and coffee that were waiting were very much appreciated.  That was my ride for the day done and I jumped into the Monjon Lead Vehicle to do some of our Social Media as well as a navigator to help out Chris.

2013-03-03 14.53.28Most of my riding today was on the flats and the wind was very minimal, but as soon as I got in the vehicle there were a couple of little climbs.  But we made it into Shepparton a little behind schedule and headed to lunch at Cafe on The Lake, just down from our Quest Hotel.  I tell you food never tasted so good, I think I have said that before!  And I think that everyone was happy to have finished for the day and able to eat!

Unfortunately after lunch we had to say goodbye to two of our riders Leigh and Gerald, both of whom have to go home and back to work.  It has been great getting to know them and I think that both of them will be back next year!  Thanks for all your riding and your fundraising!

This afternoon the group have gone to Ten Pin Bowling!  I decided not to go and just to rest so that I can tackle the challenge of 100km tomorrow.  So went to my room and rested, then had a wonderful massage from our massage therapist Jill.  Then Jill, Steve and I headed to the GV Hotel to meet up with the others for dinner.  They had obviously had a great time bowling, although I was told that the kids gutter barriers were put up, I think that was a bit of cheating!

2013-03-03 20.29.44We had dinner and then it was time to award the Monjon Yellow Jersey and it went to Alex, who put it every day and worked extremely hard and she is from Shepparton.  It was great to see her get the jersey with her family present.

And of course we can’t forget about our muppet award that goes tonight to Andrew, who broke the rule about taking photos while riding his bike!  His excuse was that he didn’t take pictures of himself!  But I think you will agree the ears look beautiful on him!2013-03-03 20.31.57


Tomorrow morning we are off to a local school the Goulburn Valley Grammar School to talk about what we are riding for, MS, bike safety and show them my medal, plus give out another bike.  So should be a great morning.


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  1. Marjorie Jenkins 03/03/2013 at 4:32 pm - Reply

    You certainly worked hard but sounds like you had a lot of fun as well.
    What interesting people you are meeting. good luck in the next part of your ride.
    Love you. aunt Marjorie

  2. Phyllis Banks 03/03/2013 at 8:22 pm - Reply

    It sounds like you are having a great time even at the expense of all the hard work.
    Great going and continue to enjoy.

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