I have to admit that most of my riding is done with others.  This is a huge change from when I first started riding my trike.  I was slow, heavy and rode by myself, but then as I got lighter, fitter and started to become faster I was able to join group rides.  I absolutely love the social aspect of riding.  I have met so many new people and tried coffee at more places than I care to think about!  However last Sunday I had to do a 3 hour hill ride and although I have a few friends who will support me on these rides, I thought they were all busy doing other things so I had to go it on my own.

I headed out just before the sun was making an appearance and headed up to my new favourite place to ride around, Eltham.  It was a cold morning but at least not as cold as it has been and it became a beautiful morning.  While I was riding I realized that I had forgotten how amazing doing something on your own can be!

I tried to just soak up the sounds, the breeze, the sun and the beautiful surroundings and be grateful for the fact that I had such an amazing place to ride.  It actually gave me time to be mindful about everything around me and even really think about how I was riding, the position my legs, hips and shoulders were in.  It certainly isn’t something we think about on an everyday ride, so it was great to really just be in the moment.

Most of the time it is really hard to be mindful and in the present, so to be able to do that Sunday was wonderful.  I didn’t think about all the things I had to do, not only that day but in the upcoming week which allowed me to have an incredible morning.  And with only a couple of weeks to go before I head overseas I’m looking forward to a couple more of those incredible rides!

The serenity of the views on my ride.

The serenity of the views on my ride.

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