Today was a really busy day for the entire team as we had 4 riders who needed to be classified, another rider to be picked up in Madrid, some just doing their own training and some of us wanting to go to the Road Race Course.  So needless to say people were all over the place.  The other problem is that there are 2 separate Road Courses.  One for the B’s and Hand Cycles and a different course for the C’s and Trikes.  We aren’t quite sure why this is but it could be that the organisers weren’t able to secure the use of the first course on 2 days.  So this course that I am riding on is very new to me and is in the town of Cantimpalos, I have raced on the other one so wanted to have a look at what this new course was going to be like.

I’m very glad that we went out as the course, although it is fairly flat is going to be extremely tricky to ride on a trike.  I did a first lap with a couple of the C riders, Sue, David and Hannah, as they had ridden it the other day.  The roads are pretty bad in regards to the bitumen, being very bumpy, potholed and narrow.  We have to do only 3 laps of the 8km course but coming in to the finish line is a sharp right hand turn on cobble stones, which are definitely not smooth and certainly not friendly to trikes or bikes for that matter!

I guess they wanted to add a few cobble stones like the other course as the finish line there is a 7% climb up cobble stones!  I think I would rather have that then the right hand turn.  But it is what it is and I’ll just have to manage.  There are quite a few new trike riders so it will be interesting to see how they handle it.  We did meet some locals, one of whom said he was the father of the World Cup organiser and he assured us that they would be filling in the pot holes tomorrow!  Boy they have a lot of work to do!

We are now at the pointy end of our time here in Spain with racing starting Friday with the Time Trial, my favourite event.  So I am really looking forward to winding up to Friday and starting to get that itch to race.

Just as a footnote we had a team dinner last night at a wonderful little restaurant down the road and we were able to surprise one of our riders Matt with a birthday cake and a small gift, so a great time was had by all!

Matt with his cake

Matt with his cake

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