After a rest day on Saturday I had the road race today.  I really wasn’t sure if I was looking forward to it or not as it was an extremely technical course with about 17 corners on it.  With 6 laps to do that meant that I was going to be doing 102 corners, not something that trikes are really good at!  The streets on some of the corners were very narrow which meant that only one trike was going to fit around at a time and the one dangerous corner was on to cobblestones with a little lip before it just to add excitement!

I had ridden the course with my friend Hans-Peter Durst from Germany and also with Alex Green and as HP has done this course before, I made sure I watched his lines in and out of the corners.  I figured also that it was probably best to hammer it at the start and get away from the bunch.  The men and women T2 were all starting together which meant that there would be 15 trikes at the start.  From the start the road was fairly wide with two lanes, however about 700 metres ahead it funnelled into a single lane so it was important to get ahead early.

As world champion I was called to the start early so I was on the front and at the gun sprinted to get out ahead.  I ended up about 5th wheel and it stayed that way until we had come back and headed in amongst the homes where the road opened up again.  At that point I sprinted past most and sat behind HP.  He worked with me, dragging me along and we were able to pull away from the bunch except for two riders.  There was a bit of passing back and forth until HP and I were able to drop them on the 2nd lap.  The speed was incredible and HP kept telling me to stay with him but his pace was just too fast and he got away from me.  If I had tried to keep it up I think I would have blown a valve!!!  One of the other males passed me and I worked with the 3rd male Raphael from Belarus.

In the end I crossed the line in first for the T2 women and 3rd overall among the men, so I was pretty happy with that.

After our racing and before presentation’s a few of us decided to treat ourselves at the local Gellato shop!  Well deserved I think!

Myself, Bianca and Sue

Myself, Bianca and Sue

The team had incredible results for such a small team, 7 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze medals over the 3 days.


Emilie Miller – 1st Women’s H1 (although not eligible for a medal, gained important points for Australia for Rio)

Bianca Woolford – 1st Women’s T1

Carol Cooke – 1st Women’s T2

Sue Powell – 1st Women’s C4

Alistair Donohoe – 1st Men’s C5

Grant Nickel – 2nd Men’s H1

Michael Gallagher – 3rd Men’s C5

Simone Kennedy – 3rd Women’s C3

Alex Green – 4th Women’s C4

Kyle Bridgwood – 8th Men’s C5

David Nicholas – 12th Men’s C3

Nigel Barley – 12th Men’s H4

We are now in Nottwil, Switzerland where the World Para Cycling Championships start this Thursday!


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  1. Stella Parissis 26/07/2015 at 10:48 pm - Reply

    Hey Carol, that’s an awesome result! Excellent race plan. Good luck for your next race. GO COOKIE!!! Stella

    • CarolC 27/07/2015 at 11:32 am - Reply

      Thanks Stella!

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