If you ever have anything to do with a charity organisation you understand how hard it is to fundraise.  I think that most people will receive on average about 4-5 requests a week for money for this walk, or that ride, or to sell tickets for someone!  I’m afraid that I am one of those people who not only does the asking every year for my 24 Hour Mega Swim but also tries my hardest to give something to as many people as I can.

This year I am doing a couple of things, 1. my Mega Swim (which is next weekend) and then a week later 2. the MS Celebrity Red Ride, which is a 7 day ride.  Mind you I’m not doing all of the ride as I would never be able to keep up with the other riders, on my trike, going through country Victoria.  So I will be picking the flat areas to do a couple of hours!  But it does get hard to keep asking people to donate.

I have over 600 swimmers who take part in my 24 Hour Mega Swim at the Fitzroy Pool in Melbourne and every year they amaze me with the amount of fundraising they do.  This year if we hit our $300,000 target the total money raised just at the Fitzroy Pool in the last 13 years will reach $2 million!!  When I started this swim back in 2001 it was to be a ‘one off’ swim to help out MS Victoria with their Go For Gold Scholarship program, but boy how it has grown!

One of the teams who have been taking part for about 10 years is the Lend Lease Legends who have never failed to amaze me.  Jane their captain has been so dedicated to putting this team together and raising money over those years that she has had to turn people away from the team (you can only have 15 swimmers if you want to win).  Lend Lease have always targeted their suppliers, builders and customers to the point of exhaustion, so they decided to try a few things differently this year…a Golf Day.

Dean Jones, Myself, Roger (Lend Lease)

Dean Jones, Myself, Roger (Lend Lease)

So on Monday the 11th of February I was up at 4:30 am and making my way down to the Mornington Peninsula to Moonah Links Golf Club for their golf day.  Not only was it a fantastic, beautiful day, with no wind to start out but Jane had a great turn out.  The best idea of fundraising is give people something and they will fundraise!  Instead of just donating these companies enjoyed coming out on a beautiful day and hitting a ball around a course.  And boy fundraise they did!  The day raised in excess of $30,000 and with the help of Dean Jones (Australian Cricket Legend turned Golf Pro) and a few very funny stories at lunch a great time was had by all!

It does help getting people there by saying “Come and golf with Dean Jones” and we are very lucky to have Dean as an ambassador for MS Australia.

As I said earlier the fundraising gig is tough for everyone but I’m not too proud to ask again!  If you want to donate to a great cause, MS Australia is one of the best.

To donate to me in the Mega Swim you can click here this raises money for the Go For Gold Scholarship Program to help a person living with MS follow a dream.

Or if you would like to donate to me in the Celebrity Red Ride you can click here, this raises money to help MS Australia provide programs and assistance to people living with MS as well as supporting research into finding a cause and a cure! (that’s what I would like to see!)

If you can’t donate that’s okay too but I will ask again next year!

I honestly believe that the happiest people in the world do not necessarily have the best of all, they simply appreciate what they find on their way and the most exciting moments in our lives come to us when we are living and doing for others. I believe that the greatest gift we can possibly give to another is a portion of ourselves.  I hope that with the challenges that I am undertaking I will be doing just that!

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  1. Tina 17/02/2013 at 7:23 am - Reply

    You’re not just just an amazing athlete. You’re an amazing, generous individual that makes an impact on so many.

    • CarolC 17/02/2013 at 7:59 am - Reply

      I think I have learnt that from you my friend!

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