Well another year has come and gone in my world of Para cycling.  We have finished the road racing season for the year, at least here in Australia.  For me what started off as a pretty ordinary season ended spectacularly with my wins in South Africa. 

I still have not committed to Tokyo 2020 because I believe it is more important for me to concentrate on each year, so I am in the planning stages for next year.  At this point it looks like I will once again to all three World Cups, that illusive World Cup Series win is still on my bucket list!  And of course the World Championships once again which will be held in Maniago, Italy at the end of July, beginning of August.  But the exciting part is that the 3rd World Cup is in Canada so I will be heading there and then heading to Toronto for a catch up with family in mid August. 

One exciting development for Para Cycling in Australia is having the inclusion of our discipline within the able bodied Nationals.  So all road disciplines will be held together in Ballarat, Victoria the first week of January in a Festival of Cycling week.  We will be racing on the same Time Trial course as everyone, however our road course will be different, although medals will be presented at the same time as the Elite Time Trial medals.  Hopefully this will give us a bigger crowd to ride in front of and teach the general population about the intricacies of Para Cycling.

So what do I do between now and the first World Cup in May 2018?  Enjoy my riding without efforts for the first few months, do a few different things to keep fit like swimming and circuit training, which includes some new activities like boxing, the hand cycle machine and back on the rowing machine. I have really been enjoying doing the different types of workouts.


I’ve had a few rides which have been fantastic and lovely, taking in the scenery around me and just have a really good time.  Riding with friends socially is always great and its through this that I can keep my fitness up but also build a base.  I am also the Ambassador for the MS Gong Ride on Sunday November 5th from Sydney to Wollongong.  If you want to join me for an amazing ride you can enter here MS Gong Ride. It’s times like these that the love for the sport gets rekindled and makes you want to keep racing!

I’m also working on building my speaking business, marketing my book a lot more than I have in the last year and looking at a couple more Ambassadorships of which I will talk more about when they come through.  I am also looking at spending some quality time with Russ my husband, being away for so much of the year racing and training it is always great to get away and reconnect.  I have also been appointed to the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) Athletes Commission and have also nominated to become a member of a Board of Directors (more to come on that!).

My life is never boring…I love being busy, I look forward to the coming year and for right now…just enjoying life!

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