While I was away pedaling my butt around the countryside my good friend Tim Spiteri, who I wrote about in an earlier posting was finishing up his row across the Atlantic Ocean.  You can read his blog and view his website if you click here

He did it to raise money and awarenss of MS as his mother lives with this disease along with over 2.5 million people world wide!  Well he accomplished his goal of being the first male Australian to do this, but not one to sit still he wants to do another row.  From Western Australia to South Africa…this has never been done!  As of the end of 2010 there were 3,142 people who climb Mount Everest but no one has rowed from Australia to Africa.   But he is determined to put a crew together to attempt this in July 2013.  The row he just finished was 3000 miles and this new row is 5000 miles, almost double what he just accomplished!  The man is a machine!  Lets hope that his body lets him attempt this.

This morning he was interviewed on one of our morning programs called Sunrise and you can see his interview by clicking here

I am meeting up with him on Thursday morning for breakfast and I can’t wait to give him the biggest hug ever!  I may think he is crazy but he is certainly an inspiration!!!

Tim and his mother Rhonda filming for Sunrise

Tim and his mother Rhonda filming for Sunrise

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