imageThe last few weeks I have some big weeks of training, trying to build a base for next year.  Today was my second time at the St. Kilda Cycling Club Crits.  I had a great time last weekend and was looking forward to today’s race.  There were quite a few more women today as it was the part of the “Total Rush” Series, Race 2.

Even though I get dropped every time, I go with the attitude that I will get something out of each race. Today was an extremely hard race as the wind had picked up compared to last weekend.  I was only able to hang on for about 10 minutes and got dropped pretty fast, although I wasn’t the only one!  But I gave it my all for the next 25 minutes, even though I did get lapped.  But even though I got dropped I still try to get something out of each and every race.

I believe that you have to find a purpose for why you are doing something on a given day.  A purpose that will give you excitement, motivate you and compel you to keep trying.  Today for me it was being able to hold just over 30 km/hr on a course that has two really hard corners (for trikes) and a major head wind coming out of the second corner, into the third and down the back straight.  It was like hitting a brick wall at one point!  But I was happy with my average speed and that excites me.  The hard work is paying off and I am getting faster and stronger, something that sometimes surprises me.  It proves to me that the next year is full of great opportunity and that certainly excites me.

I’ll continue to race at the crits and hopefully will be able to report one day that I held on to the field for most of the race. The possibilities are endless and when you believe in yourself you can turn those possibilities into realities!

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