imageYesterday morning was an extremely early morning for the entire team. We were in our vehicles by 4:25am to board the ferry from Matane to Godbout, for the 2 hour crossing of the Saint Lawrence River and then drive the 60kms to Baie-Comeau. The day wasn’t very nice with fog and drizzle across the river and then rain on the drive, which lasted until late afternoon.

It was a spectacular drive from Godbout to Baie-Comeau, we really are in the wilds of Canada! But the road we were travelling on reminded me of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

We were all really happy to get to the hotel where we had some breakfast, unpacked, some had naps and others like myself put in some training. Due to the weather I jumped on a trainer for an hour and it was good just to get the legs moving.

So a little info on Baie-Comeau – most info here was taken from Wikepedia:
The oldest part of Baie-Comeau is the area known as Vieux-Poste (Old Post) near the mouth of the Amédée River where in 1889, the Saint-Eugène-de-Manicouagan Mission was founded by Eudists. In 1898, the first sawmill in the Côte-Nord region was built there by the brothers Damase and Henri Jalbert, but it closed in 1907 after their timber stock was swept into the St. Lawrence. In 1916, Route 138 was extended to Saint-Eugène-de-Manicouagan and in 1929, its post office opened with the English name of Comeau Bay (gallicized in 1936).

There are just over 22,000 residents living in the area and the main source of income is industry – an aluminium plant and pulp and paper mill and Hydroelectricity. Baie-Comeau is also the home to past Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Yesterday I was also reviewed at classification. This is done with me every year as MS is a progressive disease and can change. Happily I am still a T2 and as I said to the classifiers, cycling has made me stronger!

We have had a ride around the course today and other than a few really bumpy roads, there are only a couple of corners that need to be looked at safely, so I am really looking forward to racing the Time Trial on Thursday!

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