Today was the ITT for the last World Cup of the year and although it feels like it has been a tough slog over the last 4 weeks when I woke up this morning I was really looking forward to racing.  We had been riding on the course over 2 days and I really liked it.  This course seemed to be tailor made for me with some really big downhills and a few tough climbs.  I love going downhill and I have really started to like climbing, but thrown in for good measure was some really tough camber on the road and a technical section at the end and start of each lap.

A couple of weeks ago I spent a very valuable 2 hours with a friend of mine Kym De Britt working on cornering.  Kym races rally cars so was able to impart some incredible knowledge to me about how to read the lines going in and out of corners, how to work on not just the corner you are doing but the next one ahead.  It was probably the most valuable 2 hours I have ever spent in the last 4 years of riding and today I proved it with no issues on any of the corners!

We also had the biggest field at an international race, 7 of us, with a new rider from the USA and the Canadian rider Marie-Eve back after illness and injury.  I was starting 2nd last with Jill Walsh of USA starting a minute in front of me, so my intention was to try and catch her.  I was able to catch her and then targeted the next rider and the next until I had actually caught everyone by the finish.

In the end I was able to win by 2:05 minutes and probably had the best race technically that I have ever had.  So it is a good start to this World Cup and I am looking forward to the Road Race tomorrow!

Results from the Australian’s today:

Alistair Donohoe – 1st C5 men, Kyle Bridgwood – 1st C4 men, Carol Cooke – 1st T2 women

Susan Powell – 2nd C4 women, Simon Kennedy – 2nd C3 women

Bianca Woolford – 3rd T1 women

Michael Gallagher – 4th C5 men, David Nicholas – 4th C3 men, Stuart Tripp – 4th H5 men

Nigel Barley – 5th H4 men, Matt Formston/Mick Curran – 8th B men


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