An Australian Paralympic Gold Medallist in Cycling, Motivational Speaker and Author, Carol Cooke
inspires us to believe that nothing is impossible if we dare to face our fears and believe in ourselves.


Carol Cooke – On Change


What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

A lot of us are scared to be subjected to change or try something new because we are quite happy with the status quo or feel we may not be good at it or look silly. So why change what we’re comfortable with? What if your life was thrown into chaos with the diagnosis of a chronic illness – would you be able to continue or try something new?

Carol was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but has gone on to embrace the changes in her life and take on new challenges that people half her age wouldn’t even want to try. She’s gone on to win Paralympic gold and become a world champion. In this, her first book, she shares her secrets to overcoming adversity, accepting change, finding your hidden courage and creating a winning mindset.

She truly believes that if you dare to face your fears and believe in yourself you can overcome anything.

If you would like to purchase Carol’s book you can purchase it as an e-book on Amazon or for a hard copy go to her ‘Buy Book’ page



After 35 years of training, 2 countries, 3 sports and one devastating diagnosis, Carol Cooke’s dream of winning a gold medal came true at 51. This is her story.



Carol is a motivational and inspirational speaker. If you are looking for a keynote speaker or MC for your next event, Carol comes highly recommended.



Carol has lived with MS since 1998. Learn more about MS and the unpredictable effects on over 22,000 people currently diagnosed in Australia.



Conferences, workshops, racing and training…. see Carol in action as she motivates, inspires, follows her dreams and makes a difference to the lives of others.

“Dare to face your fears and believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything.
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”



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