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The Force Within & Finding Your Inner Gold

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International Speaker, an expert in Overcoming Adversity and Change


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An Australian Paralympic Gold Medallist in Cycling, Keynote Speaker and Author, Carol Cooke AM PLY inspires us to believe that nothing is impossible and we can all Harness our FORCE to have our own Gold Medal Moment.

The Force Within

Three time Paralympian gold medallist Carol Cooke AM PLY tells her life story with disarming honesty, a keen eye and gentle humour.

Born into a policing family, Carol follows in their footsteps serving on the Toronto Police Force until love calls and she moves to Australia. Following a period of feeling unwell Carol is diagnosed with MS and life as she knows it changes forever.

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Finding Your Inner Gold

In this second edition of her original book, ‘Cycle of Life’, Carol shares her secrets to finding your inner gold, overcoming adversity, accepting change, finding your hidden courage and creating a winning mindset. She truly believes that if you dare to face your fears and believe in yourself you can overcome anything.

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“…An exceptional presenter who engages the audience with touching stories about her life’s journey which make you laugh and cry.”


Bill Younger, Foundation Director at St Vincent’s Hospital Foundation

Carol is available for General Speaking, MC duties and Keynote speaking. As a 3 x gold medal Paralympian and 9 x World Champion, and raising over $11 million for people living with MS, Carol’s unique story inspires and motivates.

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